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Trailer for feature film MYR, directed by Ludwig Henricson.


A young man, brother and son named Alexander leaves his rural hometown companied by his long time friends in search of distance from from their ordinary lifes.

A long time has passed since their last unite and to stir the waters that has started to simmer can bring unforeseen consequences upon their adventures.
Together they find their way north on an unexpected route, on which old wounds will tear their friendship apart.

Alexander and his friends are exposed to a struggle against both external and internal dangers. As the abrasive forces grows stronger Alexander is forced ever closer to a truth he has since long repressed, with his infinite love for Emilia Parke as guiding light through the dark challenges at hand.


Facebook: facebook.com/MYROFFICIALFILM
Youtube version: youtu.be/1Fp5HtZcuAs
Music by: Sphéria & The Secession