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Cookies are small text files a website stores on your computer. We use cookies to analyse the performance of our site and when embedding videos from our YouTube channel. We don’t collect any information in order to identify you or serve you targeted ads. Below is a list of the cookies we use on this site.

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We use Google Analytics to collect aggregate anonymous statistics about how people use our website, for example the number of visits to a page. We never collect any personal information about our visitors. We also use the IP-anonymization feature where your IP-address is shortened and anonymised before it’s stored on Google’s servers.


We use embedded videos from our YouTube channel on some parts of our site. The YouTube player might place it’s own cookies (called third-party cookies) on your computer over which we have no direct control. These cookies don’t store any personal information about you unless you’re signed in to your YouTube account, in which case they might get linked to your YouTube profile.

We embed all our videos in “privacy-enhanced mode” where, according to YouTube, they will not store any information about you before you actually press the play button on a specific video.


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